Urological Homecare Program

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Do you use intermittent catheters?

Join the qualified thousands who get
catheters, underpads, and misc items
every month with NO OUT OF POCKET Cost!

  • Do you have Medicare or Private Insurance?
  • Are you tired of suffering from Urinary Tract Infections and taking antibiotics?
  • Are you having to wash and reuse your catheters due to high cost or are you paying for them out of your own pocket?

We developed a program specifically for individuals who uses intermittent catheters on a daily basis. We call it our Urological Home Care Program. All our qualified customers on the program get enough catheters every month delivered right to their front door by UPS so they never have to wash and look at a dirty catheter ever again! 

Plus we also include sterile gloves, K-Y jelly, antiseptic wipes, and under pads and sometimes miscellaneous items if they are needed such as diapers and briefs. At no out of pocket cost to them! We work with your doctor to get your supplies covered by Medicare or Private insurance with no upfront costs to you. 

With your doctor’s approval, Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of your supplies. Your supplemental or secondary insurance will cover the remainder. If you do not have a secondary insurance we can even waive the remaining 20% of the cost for those who only have Medicare or just one Private insurance coverage for cases of financial hardship. We never ask for any up front fees and we submit all necessary paperwork to your insurance company. 

Our Urological Home Care Program gives you enough supplies so you'll never have to wash and reuse dirty catheters ever again plus you get gloves, under pads, antiseptic wipes, K-Y jelly, and even misc. items if needed with no up front costs to you! 

Our company goal is to make medical supplies affordable for people. We have been doing this very successfully. We could reduce or eliminate your out of pocket expense.

  • We are a Medicare Participating Provider and a member of the Spina Bifida Association and we are a proud sponsor of our own Tornadoes Wheelchair Basketball Team. We offer the top of the line Urological Home Care Program and we accept the allowable amount from the insurance company. We accept most private insurances too.
  • We have direct accounts with all the major manufacturers. Mentor, Bard, Rusch, O’Neil. Allegiance, Dover, Kendall and more.
  • We give you enough supplies so you won’t have to wash and reuse your catheters ever again! We give you all the catheters you need plus, under pads, gloves, K-Y jelly, antiseptic wipes and even misc. items such as diapers or briefs, and suppositories.
  • Instead of washing and reusing catheters and continuously putting infectionous bacteria in your body with us your going to able to use a new catheter each time you cath and be able to keep your body clean. In return your going to feel healthier and have more energy and that builds confidence in yourself. You’ll be finding yourself wanting to do more things.
  • Everything arrives at your doorstep by the 1st of every month shipped by UPS like clockwork. We have distribution points across the nation NC, OH, NY, TX, CA with our warehouses strategically placed throughout the nation we always make sure your supplies arrive on time and it’s very easy for us to do. So if it’s cold outside or storming and you don’t feel like going through the hassle of hunting down supplies you don’t have too. Your supplies will come to you by the first of every month like clockwork.

Urinary tract infections are caused by infectionous bacteria. These microorganisms reproduce at a rapid rate and the bacteria will quickly migrate from the urethra to the bladder causing cystitis or what most people call bladder infection. From there it continues to travel upwards and into your kidneys causing a kidney infection or pyelonephritis and possible kidney damage and even producing kidney stones and kidney disorders.. 

By going with our Urological Home Care Program, you won’t be putting infectionous germs in your body; instead you’ll be throwing them away. You’ll also get your gloves, KY, under pads, antiseptic wipes and even misc. items like diapers or briefs. And if you ever need anything, feel free to pick up the phone and call our toll-free number 1-866-791-4261  

Get started living a better and healthier life today!

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